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«From traces to networks: Controlling the ubiquituous data flow?»

Paper to be prepared for the AoIR-Conference «INET 5.0» on UBIQUITY,
19-22nd September 2004, Sussex 2004 (UK)


Short abstract (100 words)

As more and more technical devices are getting computerized and networked, more and more data is collected and transmitted. A first dimension of ordering the new devices is reprenting the degree of interactivity that can be performed. On a second dimension, we distinguish the degree of consensuality in collecting data. This raises questions on surveillance: In the context of rizomatic growing data flows (Deleuze), the notions of privacy and of control have to be reconsidered. We will present two different strategies that are applied to face the new challenges: (a) playing with fragmented identities, and (b) trying to ensure authenticity.

(100 words)


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